Products That Help Prevent Falls From Heights

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Keep your employees safe while they work on building roofs and elevated areas.

IBEX Fall Protection offers turnkey, expert fall protection equipment installation service on a complete line of fall protection products.

As a certified installer for multiple manufacturers, IBEX Fall Protection installs specially-designed gear that helps keep employees and contractors safe by mitigating the risk of falls, and serious injuries, whenever they access a roof or other elevated areas on your property.

The entire process is carefully supervised by licensed engineers, and all of our products and materials are backed by the manufacturer warranties.

OSHA Compliant Perimeter Protection: Guardrails and Warning Lines

OSHA regulations require that on any building where work is performed within 15′ of an open roof edge, every worker must be protected from the hazard of falling.

Guardrails are the preferred protection as it eliminates the fall hazard and does not require any extra equipment or training. Warning lines set 15’ from the leading edge create a safe access zone designed to keep workers away from the fall hazard, but does not eliminate the hazard, and additional training is required.

Horizontal Lifelines

Horizontal Lifeline Systems can be used as a fall restraint or a fall arrest system. Either system can be engineered for single or multiple workers, and both offer continuous fall protection along the edge of the building. In many situations, these systems are crucial to providing the protection employees and others working on your building absolutely must have. These are cost effective solutions to cover large areas of the roof. The anchor points can be attached to the following deck types: metal, r-panel or trapezoidal, wood, standing-seam metal, and structural members.

They call them ‘lifelines’ for a very good reason.

Interior Overhead Rigid Rail

With a unique range of mounting options, rigid rail track systems can be attached to a variety of buildings and structures. When used overhead, it offers short free-fall distances, so users can work on trains, trucks, and aircraft with low ground clearances. Additionally, lightweight and smooth traveling trolleys allow the user to be completely hands-free of the system. 

Other benefits include easier installation, less required maintenance, and the ability to relocate the product as hazards or facilities change. Most importantly, because the trolley moves above the user, and the fall clearances are so low, the user is often able to self-rescue easily, without taking a major free fall.

Lastly, these systems can be reset and reused many times. So if your operations or facility layout changes, we can move these systems, saving you time and money compared to horizontal lifelines or anchor points.

Skylight Protection

Rooftop Skylight Fall Protection Metal Warehouse Building Installation Work

Who doesn’t love natural light indoors? Yet while the natural light is appealing, every skylight is a major hazard on the roof. The plastic ‘window’ of the skylight will get dirty over time, making it difficult for workers to see. Add the fact that years in the sun can make skylights very brittle and easy to break, and the danger in these desirable windows-to-the-sky becomes apparent.

Fortunately, we offer a variety of solutions that can prevent workers from accidentally falling through a skylight, while still allowing all that beautiful, natural light in.

Roof Access Solutions

Getting onto and off of any roof is one of the most dangerous aspects of all roof-level work, and there are many opportunities for falls—and fall protection.

For example, the area around ladders may be wet or dirty, potentially causing a worker to slip and potentially fall. Climbing ladders, especially taller ladders, can lead to fatigue leading to reduced coordination and balance. We are specially trained to analyze the hazards faced when accessing elevated areas, and often point out potential pitfalls that can easily be overlooked until it’s too late.

Solutions to these dangers include guardrails along the ladder that help eliminate the hazard of falling while climbing. Additionally, we provide ladder cable fall arrest solutions that are mounted to existing ladders. These fall arrest solutions provide a continuous anchor point while climbing up and down the ladder.

Roof Hatches

A roof hatch is a convenient way to access a roof. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for them to be accidentally left open, and that leaves a large gaping hole where one should not be—a recipe for disaster. A fall from a preventable situation like an open hatch can lead to serious injury.

Again, we’ve (literally) got you covered! Guardrails with a self-closing gate placed around the roof hatch can easily help eliminate the fall hazard, and provide a convenient and sturdy handrail which can greatly assist in getting in and out of the hatch.

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