Location: Atlanta, GA

Fall Protection Services: InspectionInstallation

Industry: Entertainment, Movie Production, Sound Production, Facility Maintenance

Client: Multiple Movie/Sound Production Companies

Our Thoughts: All across the Atlanta, GA area, IBEX has installed and inspected interior horizontal lifeline systems in movie and TV studio sound stages. For safety, these clients need anchor points for the crew members to rig lighting and other set design elements from the rafters. As they leave the safety of the guardrails on the catwalk, they need an option that will provide flexibility to move along the rafters while maintaining 100% tie-off. These overhead cable systems have a traveler device that smoothly moves along the cable, minimizing swing falls and other hazards. IBEX experience in annual inspections, retrofits and new installations—for all types of interior safety—helps keep many in Atlanta's thriving sound and movie production working efficiently and without incident.

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