Choosing the Best Building Safety and Fall Protection

Why IBEX Fall Protection? Because we are dedicated to offering the best fall protection solutions for your commercial building and property.

It starts with a complimentary facility assessment upon request. This includes walking the facility, the roof(s), identifying all hazards—especially the ones that are easy to overlook. We fully assess everything that needs to be done to keep workers safe, and your property in compliance with OSHA and ANSI regulations, and we offer a variety of solutions to satisfy your safety requirements.

Because of our close relationships with multiple manufacturers, we are able to offer options that fit your budget and work processes.

We install only the highest-quality products, and our use of a third-party engineer for the testing and certification processes assures that everything is done according to specification. Our stringent procedures ensure our fall protection/fall prevention products are compatible with your building, and are installed correctly.

Meet the Team

Matt Graham IBEX Fall Protection

Matt Graham, Director

Safety and Risk Management have been a core part of Matt’s character since attending Georgia Southern University. While at GSU, he was tasked with providing safety plans, safety trainings and risk management for outdoor recreational activities including adventure trips, the high ropes course and rock climbing, for both students and faculty.

Matt was the first in-house safety manager with Ideal Building Solutions in 2017. In 2019, he was selected to be the Director at IBEX Fall Protection. His education and background in commercial and industrial safety helps facilitate company growth as he serves IBEX clients through a very in-depth knowledge of safety and fall protection.

Matt notes, “I’m proud of the work we’re doing. It truly helps people be safer at work, often preventing hazards that they may not have even noticed. At IBEX Fall Protection, our goal is to keep every one of our client’s buildings and work environments as safe as possible by providing the best, most user-friendly options for fall prevention while working at heights.”

Jush Trompke, IBEX Fall Protection

Josh Trompke, Safety Advisor

For Josh, safety in the workplace has always been a passion. Today, that translates into helping ensure our clients, their employees and contractors can return home safely at the end of the workday. Every day.

Josh says, “I love working with our clients, and it’s a great feeling to know that I’m able to help keep their people safe at work.”

By monitoring OSHA and ANSI standards, Josh helps maintain ongoing compliance with applicable regulations, something that is crucial to every building owner and facilities manager. His expertise lends itself to conducting a thorough analysis of current safety systems or concerns, and providing the proper recommendations to keep people safe while working at heights on the property.